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We advocate for the restoration of the ancient Biblical Faith. Though we have great respect for the authentic teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and most of us, if not all of us, identified as Christians in the past, we are now neither Christian nor Jewish. However, we do adhere to Abrahamic Faith that recognizes one God, the God of Abraham.

Our scripture is composed of the documents of the Hebrew Bible, also called the Tanakh. This was the scripture of Jesus who was a Jew, remained a Jew, never intended to found a church and knew nothing about what became Christianity after his death. He would be appalled to know that Christians think he is God and worship him as such. To Jesus, that would be the greatest of all heresies and be disgusting to him, as it would be to his mother and to his Apostles. The earliest Christians thought Jesus was the Davidic Messiah, not God and not to be worshiped.

Turn directly to God, not to any human leader or organization; not even to ours. It is God, whose name is represented by four Hebrew consonants, YHWH in Biblical Hebrew and YHVH is contemporary Hebrew, to whom you must turn. Pray to him directly without any intermediaries. Ask forgiveness to him directly without any intermediaries.

We teach Abrahamic Faith, should there be a social or legal need, we can provide training, ordination and credentials for weddings, funerals, etc. Our founder is a validly ordained deacon and priest; and a validly consecrated bishop. This provides authentic credibility when social circumstances require the services of genuine clergy. However, though we accept small donations and require our expenses to be covered if we must travel, we are not about money. We are about God. We only need money to cover our Internet expenses, advertising related to advocacy and costs related to written materials. All who work with us are volunteers. None of us get paid for our service to God. Even when he was part of a Christian church, our founding bishop, never accepted a salary from the church. When a church insisted on issuing him a paycheck, he returned all of the money as a donation to the Church. We are not about money; we are about YHWH who is the one and only God.

YHWH (Yahweh) wants you to seek him, to call him by name and to serve him directly. Do that and you will see him in your life, you will experience his mercy and the rewards and satisfaction are great. You will have a veil lifted from your eyes; you will have clarity of understanding and a renewed purpose in life.

For more in-depth information about Abrahamic Faith, we strongly suggest that you read, RESTORING ABRAHAMIC FAITH by James D. Tabor, available here: http://genesis2000.org

A revised 4th edition is being prepared and will be released in Spring 2018.
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