About Us

Most of us identified as Christians in the past, but not anymore. Neither do we identify with any other organized religion. We adhere to a hope that depends on the existence of one God, the Creator (uncaused cause) of everything.

The Bible says this Creator was the God of Noah and the God of Abraham before there was Judaism. When Judaism was given to the descendants of Abraham by the Creator through Moses, it was a religion for the Jews and not necessarily for everyone in the world.

The Qurʾān, the sacred book of the Muslims, says this Creator spoke to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The Qurʾān speaks of some things that are spoken of in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Jews represent the Creator’s name as YHWH; they are forbidden from pronouncing the name. The Muslims say the Creator’s name is Allah and do pronounce it as such. Jesus called the Creator, Abba (Daddy), because he related to the Creator as if he were his father. 

Jesus of Nazareth was culturally a Jew and a follower of the Torah, the prophets and other scrolls of the Tanach (Jewish Bible, i.e. Old Testament to Christians). However, Jesus interpreted some of what was written in those scrolls in his own unique way and taught them like they had never been taught before.

Jesus authentic teaching is mainly an ethical teaching. It is based on his understanding of the Creator as a loving father (Abba). Jesus taught the Torah, focusing on the Ten Commandments, which he said could be summed as Love of God and Love of neighbor.

After Jesus was crucified, Jesus’ half-brother, James the Just became leader of Jesus’ followers in Jerusalem.  The Gospel of Thomas reports Jesus as saying, “No matter where you go you are to go to James the Just, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.” James was a man of justice in all things. He treated everyone fairly and maintained the ethics as taught by Jesus about love of God and love of neighbor. (The word used in the original Greek of the Gospels for love of neighbor means care of your neighbor or to care for your neighbor’s needs. It does not mean that you have to like your neighbor.)

The faith of the early followers of Jesus, those who knew him when he was alive, wasn’t anything like the Christianity of today. They did not believe that Jesus was God; they believed he was the Messiah. Jesus was their leader, but they didn’t worship him. Their religion was Judaism and they worshiped as Jews; so did Jesus. For Jesus and for all Jews, there was only YHWH who was God; and YHWH was the only one they would worship.

So, what of us? We hope in and pray to the Creator, whom we call Abba. We love the Creator and we take care of our neighbor who is anyone who needs our help. We live by the Ten Commandments and by the ethical teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. We understand the authentic teaching of Jesus as identified through the work of Biblical scholars, such as Dr. James Tabor and Dr. Bart Ehrman, and their findings using the techniques of  professional historians and Biblical criticism. We also follow the findings of Biblical Archaeologists. Along with reading the work of the scholars, we read the Bible, both the Tanach and the New Testament, with a critical eye learned from the scholars.

We go directly to the Creator for forgiveness and for the help we need to live according to his will.

Should there be a social or legal need, we can provide training, ordination and credentials for weddings, funerals, etc. Our founder is a validly educated and ordained deacon and priest; and a validly consecrated bishop. This provides authentic, worldly credibility when contemporary social circumstances require the services of valid clergy. However, though we accept small donations and require our expenses to be covered if we must travel, we are not about money. We are about the Creator.

All who work with us are volunteers. None of us get paid for our service to God. Even when he was part of a Christian church, our founding bishop never accepted a salary from the church. When a church insisted on issuing him a paycheck, he returned all of the money as a donation to the Church.

The Creator wants you to seek him, to call him by name and to serve him directly. Do that and you will see him in your life, you will experience his mercy and the rewards and satisfaction are great. You will have a veil lifted from your eyes; you will have clarity of understanding and a renewed purpose in life.

We welcome everyone because no one would be here if God didn’t want them here. We treat everyone as equal.